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Introducing Kenosha Chiropractic Group

Looking for a caring Kenosha Chiropractor who serves the area? Then we’re please to introduce our Kenosha Chiropractic Group! We look forward to meeting you personally and helping you get well and stay well. Call us or Click here to email us your questions!

Kenosha Chiro team

The members of Kenosha Chiropractic Group LLC are each independent owners and operators of their own private practices.

Dr. Paul headshot

Dr. Paul Schissler

Paul J. Schissler, DC

I quickly realized that everyone was HAPPY to see the chiropractor and looked forward to their time with the doctor. That really attracted me to the profession, but from there forward I realized that chiropractic care had an important and special place in the healthcare field. read more»

Dr. Jeff headshot

Dr. Jeff Malone

Jeffrey T. Malone, DC, CCSP

As a healthcare provider, my job is to help those who can’t help themselves, sometimes it is by treating a condition, but it should always end with teaching the patient lifestyle habits that will keep them optimally healthy. Often times people speak of the fact that Chiropractors want you to make it a lifestyle when you initiate care with them. read more»

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